The American Dental
Association recommends
patients taking Boniva, Fosamax, or Actenol
have a thorough periodontal exam
before beginning drug therapy.

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Dental Implant Maintenance

Just like natural teeth, dental implants need regular maintenance cleanings. Because the implant post is made of titanium, special instruments need to be used when cleaning them. Dental implants should be checked regularly to keep them healthy. After Dr. Mangelson places an implant and it is restored by the general dentist, an xray is taken to establish a baseline so we can compare with future implant xrays when needed.

Our hygienists are specially trained in dental implant maintenance and in educating patients on the proper tools and methods of caring for dental implants.




Dr. Mark Mangelson, DDS MS




Dr. Mark Mangelson and all of the exceptional dental professionals in the Cottonwood periodontal office have what I call the "soft touch." I have been a patient of Dr. Mark Mangelson for ...