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Some things that contribute to holiday stress are the fact that we have more obligations. There are more parties, a house to decorate, sometimes travel, house guests, and of course the fabulous holiday cooking that comes with it all.
Because of these extra activities we tend to get less sleep and can feel more fatigued. We are more susceptible to illness when we are run down and tend to pay less attention to our own personal details as we get things in order to celebrate.
Holiday purchases for gifts and food can also stress our budgets which in turn can stress our immune system. We often tend to overspend and that can create some anxiety.
One way to avoid holiday stress is to make a list and try to stick to it. Isn't it always a relief to accomplish something and cross it OFF your list. Shopping early or making on-line purchases may help reduce the stress of crowds and gift buying. Learn to delegate responsibility and give others an opportunity to participate in the festive plans and preparations.

Taking time for ourselves during the holidays can be tough. But getting some regular exercise is important. There are ways of fitting that into our holiday plans by taking the furthest parking space instead of the closest. Making several trips to and from the car to unload packages is a great way to get in a few more steps. Walks around the block can be a big tension reliever too. Consider taking a warm bath or just taking a few minutes a day to get some reading done. These suggestions can make a stressful day seem very passé. Spending quality time with family in the comfort of your own home can bring laughter and light to all the excess challenges and put things into perspective that the holidays can be joyful.
Keep your smile looking terrific with good oral hygiene. We eat and drink more casually during these times. Holidays invite sugary foods and high calorie treats. Don't let a busy schedule cause you to neglect your focus on oral health. Good brushing and flossing are important aspects of staying healthy. Because stress can play havoc with our mouths, regular dental appointments should not be ignored. Often canker sores will appear as the result of stressful situations. Keep lips moist and try not to put your hands on your mouth too often.

Remember to smile despite the stress of the season. A beautiful smile can alleviate another's stressful day too!


Dr. Mark Mangelson, DDS MS




I have been going to Dr. Mark Mangelson, my periodontist in Murray, Utah, for periodontal treatment for over a decade now. With his use of up-to-date technologies and his commitment to continuous e...