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Periodontal (Gum) Disease is an inflammation and/or pathology associated with gum tissue and loss of bone and gum tissue attachment around the teeth. Periodontal disease is responsible for 75-80% of all adult tooth loss. A periodontist will evaluate and treat these problems so that comprehensive care can be given to your mouth and total health. Many techniques are now available to restore receding gums and bone which may have been lost due to periodontal disease. In addition, dental implant technology may be used to replace missing teeth and provide an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable bite. Periodontal disease begins when the bacteria in the plaque around your teeth produce toxins (or poisons) that irritate the gums, causing infection. These toxins can lead to destruction of the tissue and bone around the teeth. When this happens, the gums separate from the teeth to form a pocket - called a periodontal pocket. As more tissue is destroyed, the pocket gets deeper and the teeth may loosen and eventually fall out.


Dr. Mark Mangelson and all of the exceptional dental professionals in the Cottonwood periodontal office have what I call the "soft touch." I have been a patient of Dr. Mark Mangelson for ...