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Procedure: FiberotomyPeriodontal Fiberotomy Salt Lake City Utah

If you have had braces to correct rotated, overlapped or spaced teeth, your orthodontist may refer you to Dr. Mangelson for a fiberotomy procedure just before completion of your orthodontic treatment. The fiberotomy procedure is simple, quick and rarely requires pain medications.

Elastic fibers in the gum tissue anchor the teeth and during orthodontic treatment, these fibers can stretch to accommodate the new position of your teeth. It is possible that after removing the braces, the fibers may retract to the old position, thereby relapsing the teeth positions. The fiberotomy procedure releases these fibers and allows new fibers to grow.


I have had a number of periodontal procedures including gum grafts, recession correction, bone grafting and ongoing maintenance at Dr. Mark Mangelson's Salt Lake City periodontal office. I hav...