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Procedure: GingivectomyPicture2

Gingivitis is a periodontal procedure which includes the removal of ginvigal (gum) tissue to achieve a more aesthetic appearance and/or functional contour. Having healthy gums is an important part of a beautiful smile.

Sometimes gums extend onto the front surface of the teeth and the natural balance between length of the teeth and height of the gums is lost. There are several different reasons for this overgrowth including medication, increased hormone levels, orthodontics, poor oral hygiene, and sometimes even stress.

Dr. Mangelson performs a gingivectomy under a local anesthetic taking careful consideration of the aesthetic outcome. You may be referred to our office by your orthodontist following your treatment to further enhance your smile. Your general dentist may also refer you for a gingivectomy if your periodontal pockets cannot be controlled with scaling and root planing or with antibiotics.

A gingivectomy is a safe and predictable way of removing excess gum tissue and improving the natural appearance of your smile. After a gingivectomy is performed, there is minimal discomfort and the healing is rapid.


I have had a number of periodontal procedures including gum grafts, recession correction, bone grafting and ongoing maintenance at Dr. Mark Mangelson's Salt Lake City periodontal office. I hav...